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Two brothers, One with Cerebral Palsy, Compete in a Triathlon

October 10,2012
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Two brothers from Atlanta are running, swimming and cycling to fulfill a dream.
On a Sunday morning in Scottsboro, Kyle Pease gets ready for his second long course triathlon. Just one of the 20 races he`s competed in, in the past 2 years.

Kyle competed in his first race in 2011. But his story started 27 years ago, when Kyle was born with cerebral palsy.
Kyle’s father, Richard says, “Nobody told me how to do this, nobody wrote a book. But y’know, where do you go and ask for help? So you sort of figure it out on your own. At least in those days we did.”
As a child Kyle played wheelchair adapted sports. Then, in his mid 20`s he turned to his brother Brent, and asked him to do a triathlon.
Brent says, “There wasn’t any hesitation; I mean, it was absolutely. Let’s figure it out.”

The brothers found a way to adapt every event to their own set of needs. What is usually an individual sport, became a team effort.

“There are highs and there are lows. I think for us the hardest part is the days are typically long. We’re two people out there. I think everybody out here goes through the same ups and downs. Not everything goes the way you want it to,” Brent explains.
Through each event, like each day, Kyle pushes through, with a smile on his face.

Nearly 7 hours in piercing cold isn’t enough to dampen his mood. It is here Kyle Pease has found his place. By his brother`s side.
With each person lucky enough to cross his path, inspired by spirit.
Kyle says, “You know, just keep a positive attitude and you’ll have a gift. And we have to open up that gift and share that gift with others.”

In addition to the races they compete in, the brothers have started the Kyle Pease Foundation.
The organization helps people with disabilities reach their goals through sports.

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  1. “There wasn’t any hesitation; I mean, it was absolutely. Let’s figure it out.” That's what I do. I have CP and I've had to figure enough stuff out, how to deal with things other people without CP don't even have to think about. That's what I do and not ashamed of it at all.