Thursday, December 27, 2012

Doctors Using Cord Blood to Treat Cerebral Palsy

Have you considered storing cord blood for later use? Many children with cerebral palsy have benefited from this procedure. Read more about cord blood storage and the benefits in our latest "In the News" article.

Christmas iPad, Digital Books Open New World of Learning

Did you give your child an iPad for Christmas? Will they be using it for school work? Are you struggling with where to find educational books online that aren't wildly expensive? Our good friend Valerie Chernek has provided us with an amazing resource for those looking for free textbooks for their children to read on the iPad. Read all about digital learning and where to find high quality e-books for free in our latest blog!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Advice to Expecting Parents about Assisted Delivery Using Vacuum Extraction

When a mother is unable to deliver a child on her own, assistive equipment may be used to help speed the birthing process. Because the need for vacuum extraction (VE) is always a possibility during childbirth, parents need to be aware of what it entails and what questions to ask of their doctor.

The Best Apps for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Did your child receive an iPad for Christmas? We have compiled a list of APPS you made find helpful. Let us know if there are any others the community should know about in the comments!

Man With Cerebral Palsy Driven By His Passion For Music

Some may say that Korey Soderman dances to a different beat. The 23-year-old music fanatic who was born with cerebral palsy has always been restricted to a wheelchair, but that has never stopped him from rock’n and roll’n.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Brother Shares Special Bond With Twin Who Has Cerebral Palsy

Here is a beautiful story of twin brothers who share a deep bond, even though one of them is severely handicapped. Read all about this heartwarming story in our latest "In the News" article.

Cerebral Palsy Doesn’t Stop Woman From Earning Black Belt

Have you ever tried martial arts training? It's great way to strengthen muscles and improve balance. Check out this story of a woman with cerebral palsy who just earned her black belt!

Dorsal Rhizotomy Operation Helps Young Man Achieve Dreams

Have you considered a dorsal rhizotomy operation? Here is one family that did and is seeing amazing benefits. Tell us your experiences and any questions you may have in the comments.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Don’t Hesitate to “Bother the Doctor” During Holidays

CP Family Network Medical Director Giles Manley, M.D., encourages parents to trust their instincts and contact their doctor if something seems wrong with their unborn child or infant over the holidays. He described a recent case where delayed medical intervention resulted in cerebral palsy:

I settled a case recently where a pediatrician sent an infant with severe jaundice home on New Year’s Eve with instructions to the parents to “check back in 2-3 days.” The baby had elevated levels of bilirubin in the blood, which is a sign that the liver is not cleansing the blood like it should, and is a serious condition if not treated quickly. The delayed treatment resulted in brain damage to the child.

So I always remind expectant parents, stand up for your rights as a patient over the holidays. If you think there is an issue with your pregnancy or your newborn baby, don’t let health care providers put off tomorrow what should be addressed today. If your doctor will be out of town, make sure you have his cell phone number and the name and phone number of the doctor who will be filling in for him or her. Then, don’t hesitate to use it if anything seems unusual.

To see a list of symptoms that warrant contacting your doctor, read Don’t Hesitate to “Bother the Doctor” During Holidays.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Students Visit Classmate With Cerebral Palsy

Students who found out their classmate with cerebral palsy was too sick to attend class decided they would just bring the class to him! Read more about this beautiful act of kindness in our latest "In The News" story.

Cerebral Palsy Doesn’t Stop Man From Being Adrenaline Addict

Our latest "In The News" story highlights a young man with cerebral palsy who wouldn't let being in a wheelchair stop him from being a thrill-seeker. Andrew Giffin proves just because you are disabled doesn't mean you can't lead a life full of adventure.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Empty Stocking Fund: Providing Christmas Cheer for Special Needs Families

Raising a special-needs child can be very costly. This can mean money for Christmas presents can be hard to come by. A charity organization in Amarillo, Texas created the "Empty Stocking Fund" to help special-needs families have a Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Joy Prom Allows Special Needs Students

Do you all know about Joy Prom? It is a unique prom created for children with special needs. It is a beautiful way to give special needs children a moment they may otherwise never get.

The Total Guide: Home Buying for People With Disabilities

Have you ever wondered how to go about buying a home? Find out more about programs and assistance that can make home ownership a reality for those with disabilities in our latest "In The News" article.

How To Adapt Toys For Children With Disabilities

With Christmas right around the corner, do you often wish there were more disability-friendly toys? Ever wonder how you could adapt popular toys for your disabled child to enjoy? The good folks at Nationwide Children’s Hospital spent the weekend showing parents how to modify existing toys with disability-friendly features. Read more about this process in our latest "In The News" article.

High School Senior Doesn’t Let Cerebral Palsy Slow Him Down

Doctors weren’t sure whether Ethan Schumann would live or die when he was born two months premature. Today Ethan is #1 in his high school senior class. Read more about Ethan and his inspirational story in our latest "In The News" story.

Inventors Called on to Develop Solar Powered Wheelchairs for People with Cerebral Palsy

Earlier this year, "World CP Day" held a global contest asking for inventors, designers, and developers to come up with ideas that would change the world for those with cerebral palsy. There were hundreds of submissions and the organization has settled on 3 that they think could make the biggest impact. Read about the 3 ideas in our latest "In The News" article.

Student’s Work May Help Diagnose Cerebral Palsy Earlier

Do you wish hospitals were able to diagnosis cerebral palsy earlier? Can you imagine being able to start treatment within days rather than months or years? A student at Virginia Tech is working on being able to do just that.

Heartwarming Video of Wrestler Who Lets Boy with Cerebral Palsy Win

Our latest "In the News" story showcases a young man who goes above and beyond the call of duty to make a classmate with cerebral palsy feel like a winner.

Do you all have similar stories of compassion for the disabled? Tell us about them in the comments.