Friday, August 10, 2012

Girl with cerebral palsy inspires children's book

Since we have been talking about shoes lately, I thought this story was appropriate. Huge kudos to author Molly Taylor for taking the time to make such a difference in one girls life. If you want to purchase the book here is a link to the Barnes & Noble online store.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) - When Favor Harless was 19 weeks pregnant with her daughter, Emma, her water broke.  Her family was told that it wasn't likely the baby would survive.  By some miracle, Harless remained on strick bedrest in the hospital until she was able to deliver at 28 weeks.  As an infant, Emma Collins was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  Doctors told her mother that she would never be able to walk without a cane or wheelchair.  Emma defied those odds.  

Last week, the 6 year-old graduated from The RISE School on the University of Alabama campus.  Emma walked to the podium, without any type of assistance other than the braces on her legs, to receive her diploma.  Harless says she knew her daughter would amount to great things, and describes Emma as her miracle child.

Emma's story, spirit, and daily life proved to be an inspiration for a family friend.  Molly Taylor was keeping Emma while her mother worked.  Taylor was reading Cinderella to Emma.  It was her favorite book, but Taylor wasn't satisfied.  She explains that in all of the books that Emma had, none of the characters looked like her.  So Taylor wrote Special Shoes, a book that showed real moments from Emma's life with her family.  Special Shoes became Emma's favorite bedtime story.  Taylor had never published anything before, but after awhile, she realized Emma's story could touch other lives.
Special Shoes was published in late July.  Taylor submitted pictures of Emma and her family so that the illustrators would be able to use their likeness in the story.

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